You’ll find a mix of writing styles here; personal narratives, reviews, lists, expository essays, poetry, songs, prayers, some tongue-in-cheek stuff and maybe when I have an abundance of creative time and energy, a comic strip or two.

In any case, the subject matter will likely pertain to at least one of four main categories:

I’m a transracial adoptee. Meaning I’m not white but my adopted family is. This a much more complex experience for a child than most people understand. I’ll be sharing some of my personal stories as well as challenging the common narratives that don’t do adoption justice.

I’m biracial. Some call me “ethnically ambiguous.” I spent most of my life pretending I didn’t have an ethnic identity or that it was meaningless. Turns out it isn’t meaningless. It is a piece of my God-given identity. It’s time to start facing the mirror and seeing both the beauty and brokenness there.

I believe in Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection, and that being a Christian is a call to greater love. The kind that would lay down your life for another. I wrestle with the influences of racism, sexism, and classism on cultural Christianity. I share my questions, concerns, prayers and laments as I seek to understand how to best follow Christ in this life.

As a Christian, it is required of me to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly (Micah 6:8). I have a deficient concept of “justice”. The Bible speaks a lot about the marginalized, the oppressed. It’s time for me to put faith in action with justice work.